“Wild tongues can’t be tamed, they can only be cut out.”

How To Tame a Wild Tongue Notes

Last night’s reading assignment was called, How to Tame a Wild Tongue by Gloria Anzaldua, and I actually found it quite interesting. The title really caught my attention because my immediate response was that you cannot tame a ‘wild tongue’. I’m a very strong believer of freedom of speech and being able to express yourself, so I think that a wild tongue is a good thing (for the most part). As I continued to read the passage the story about her getting scolded on the playground for speaking Spanish was a huge eye-opener. How is it okay for someone, especially a child, to be punished for speaking in her native language? Something like learning a language is not a simple task that you can just pick up in a few days or even weeks really. It’s a fairly long process to learn the rules of grammar, spelling, sentence structure and all the other little things that go into a language. Although I do believe that if you move to a country that does not speak your native language, you should have to adapt and learn that country’s speaking language, I do not think children should be punished for being bilingual. Being bilingual is a great skill to have and it makes you more of a cultured person in my eyes. I also do not think that it was fair that they tried to get rid of her accent. Trying to take away her accent is like trying to make someone dye their hair or tan their skin so that they fit into society’s view of an American.


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